Thursday, June 6, 2013

Interning Update!

Hey guys! I'm back with a totally boring post about my interning experiences so far! Right now i'm interning with Romance was born and Rachel Gilbert. After I got through the usual boring first two days i've actually started to enjoy my time there (it does help that the people are so lovely!) So I thought i'd give you a run down of what these companies do and what type of jobs I help out with :)

Both companies are Designer brands and I help out in their head offices. I've been fortunate to meet all the designers (and sometimes their dogs!) Everyone has been so sweet and glad to help which is quite the breath of fresh air when it comes to fashion interning!

I started at Rachel Gilbert 3 weeks ago, i currently intern one day a week. I knew very little about the brand before i started, only knowing about them because i'd dressed a model in one of their gowns for the bridal expo. Rachel's style is very lush (as is the price-tag!) With a lot of jewelled items and sequins.  They're the kind of gown's and dresses that i'd wear to balls and premiere events. 

I was a little scared and intimidated on my first day, mainly because i was handling garments pricier then i will ever afford! and after interning at Famous magazine and feeling very out of place i was scared i'd be given medial jobs and ignored. i do spend majority of my time doing medial jobs though (oh joy the life of the intern!) but i do feel like they put the effort in to teach you, plus its super rewarding when they endlessly thank you for helping them get through their work. 

I've done a whole lot of things so far like pricing/tagging garments, cleaning out boxes and sorting shelves, making power point presentations, learning to properly pack garments for different types of transportation, i've written countless stock take lists and today i even got to transform the show room for bridal appointments (so pretty!) my favourite job so far was removing diamonties from one gown and putting them into a faulty gown for a customer (i love me some crafting!)

The staff at Rachel Gilbert are so funny and caring and are so happy to answer questions or explain things. i really enjoyed my time there today! I'm happy to go bak next week!

Romance was born is a SUPER quirky label! I had a friend who suggested i check them out because she thought i'd find them inspiring, she was right! I love love LOVE! Their attention to detail and use of colour! Anna and Luke are very funky people! The team at Romance is very small, besides the two designers they have Peter our totally awesome intern supervisor and Ingrid who helps fix the Patterns.

Even though i'm only doing 3 days total at Romance I feel like i've learnt so much already! Mainly what we do there is help cut fabric and patterns. Which is fab experience for me as i'd love to eventually make my label a roaring success! I'm learning loads about sewing and why we cut things certain ways etc. and i'm passing all this info off to my mum who's a great sewer. 

I'm also Super grateful that Romance is letting me intern with them, even though my time there is short i'm actually getting to be real hands on! fabric i've cut is being sewn into garments that people will be buying!!!!! i find that terribly exciting! i also find it interesting how they only make Garments that have been pre-ordered by department stores, it's very smart, since their clothes are expensive and very expressive (definitely not for the faint hearted!) i feel like just getting to be near all these people and listen to how they run things is great experience, i'm totally soaking it up like a sponge!

It'll be sad to leave!

Anyway thats what i've been up to at the moment! Send us a comment if you're also a struggling fashion student! I'd love to hear your experiences and what job you're hoping to score!

until next time. x

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