Sunday, May 26, 2013

Commando Babe

Hey guys! heres another awesome post from a photo shoot i co-styled recently! (you can see the other one HERE) i Called this look Commando Babe because Tash looks smokin' in this super fun and edgy get up! i feel this look really encompasses grunge street style, with the block word beanie, rib print tank (one of mine!) and the awesome camo vest. the sequin shorts ad some cute texture to the whole ensemble. we then styled it with some desert boots and spiked bracelets to tie in with the gold of the shorts.

i also really love the location of this shoot! i suggested it as i'm a sucker for cool graffiti (and i just happened to work nearby) i love how the blue and green tie in with the look.

Photographer: Aneita
Model: Tash
Stylist: Samira and myself

Beanie: MijoshFP
Vest: Sportsgirl
Tank: Metalhead and Damsel
Sequin shorts: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Rubi shoes

Gotta love a cute blooper!

Until Next time! xx

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