Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hey guys!

A few weeks ago i had the lovely opportunity to co-style a street style photo shoot with one of my school BFF's Samira!

it was super fun (especially since we got to borrow clothes from some awesome PR agencies and style them with My label and my wardrobe!)

Here's the first look! Accidentally named AMERICAT! Since i made Tasha (our model) make cat faces in our cat ear beanie!

Stylists: Samira Hoque and Sarah Peters(myself)
Model: Tasha Ross
Photographer: Aneita Yang

The best blooper of the day!

Beanie: metalhead and damsel
Tank/vest: City Beach
America Leggings: Blackmilk clothing
Boots: Doc Martens

My favourite part about this look is how fun and casual it is. The America leggings are very much a statement piece so they don't require much to make it a powerful outfit. we added the boots and denim vest to keep it cool and rock chic and the cat beanie to make it cute and girly. this is one of my favourites from the day! It's very much a 'Me' outfit!

Stay tuned! I'll be posting the other looks as i get them!

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