Thursday, June 13, 2013

shopping haul!

hey guys! i'm back again with a new shopping haul! i recently bought a few items from and went on a bit of a spree on the long weekend. Enjoy!

fluoro pink disco pants from boohoo. I'm kind of disappointed in these, only because they're more like leggings with pockets and very see through. But i'm probably judging hard because i own a pair of AA disco pants. The colour is fabulous though ;)

THESE!!! these are my favourite item right now! they're white dungarees from boohoo. i bought both items during their 15% off promo. super happy with these and delighted that their size chart is spot on, these fit like a dream! i'm really digging the white trend especially in a super polished look!

Home boy tee from CO by cotton on for $25, it's in the mens section and i got it in an XL so that it'd be super long over my leggings, i bought it after spending all day crying over the price of Boy London! CO by cotton on is exclusively online but they do have a small selection at their George St. mega store in Sydney!

I got this Jay Jay's camo jacket for $25. i picked this up at their 'nothing over $25' sale, i've been on the look out for a camo jacket for ages and originally wanted a baggy mens one but found they just didn't suit me. so i opted for this instead. it's a good fit and looks super cute with rolled up sleeves. i also teamed it with my striped jeans for a bit of pattern clashing.

I bought this faux leather pinafore from Big Bargains on George St. they're an Asian chain store that sell knock offs of a lot of popular items. It only cost me $20 but i had to get it in a size 12, It still looks ok in that size but i'm unsure how it'll look when i team it with my crop tops. but hey! For $20 i can take the risk!

This Tattoo choker is from Dangerfield. It cost $8 and strangely very big (it has a clasp on the back) luckily because it's rubber, it wont move around too much and does stay in place regardless of it being big. but be careful with it!! i accidentally stretched mine a little when i chucked it into my jewellery box!

Lastly i bought a can of Chrome Spray paint from Dollar King for a DIY project i have with my old docs. I was also majorly surprised that they didn't card me even though i was dressed like a teenage delinquent!

until next time! xx

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