Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Supanova day 2: Captain America

Hey guys! here's part 2 of my totally awesome Supanova weekend! On the sunday we decided to re-do our fabulous Super hero costumes, Rebecca as Wonder Woman and myself as Captain America, mainly because we knew we'd be meeting the boys of Merlin and wanted to look BANGING! We were still quite popular and had loads of people wanting our photo but we still had enough free time to check out all the Stalls and have photo's with other amazing cosplayers. we were able to take full advantage of our special Merlin tickets and even though we got to cut all the lines we still had to line up long enough to make loads of line buddies

Since my story about meeting the boys is really long and fangirly you can read it here [spoiler alert: i get hit on by Bradley!!!!]

We'd also love to thank everyone for the reblogs and kind words on this photo! the original post has almost reached 1000 notes on tumblr! (nothing with my face has ever gotten so many reblogs!)

My makeup: Blue shimmer shadow in a wing shape, eyeliner and false lashes, red cheek tint and a pinkish red lip.

Representing justice and freedom is tiring. i made the shield and spray painted the shoes and corset (it was originally white) the leggings are from Supre

Game of thronessssss! so cosplaying as daenerys next year!

Goofy faces with judge dread (what a trooper!)

Posing with my fellow avenger!

This guy decided at 8:30 Am that day to make his costume! i was too busy doing make up and looking for my pants!

Booty shots with Kate Bishop (hawk eyes sidekick!)

I really love this costume. it's so easy to replicate and it always makes me feel super sexy and confident! it totally got the reception i'd hoped for. I'd originally lost my pants and my friend Dallas had to buy me some from Supre on the way to the Con!!!! I was so upset that i'd look stupid but luckily my Spiderman came through for me!

How was the con for you! i'd love to hear about it!

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