Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The weekday wish list:

To combat the crappy feeling of realising it's only Tuesday i've put together a list of 3 items I wish I had the disposable funds to get my hands on! (i totes don't mind if you'd like to donate to the cause!)

Leatherette top: Sportsgirl

Quilted Docs: General Pants

White boots: Topshop (yay for crappy online photos!)

Whoopsie to having 2/3 items be shoes! shoes are always on my to-buy list, since the ones i want are always over $100 it takes me a lot longer to add it to my wardrobe, I can't wait to see what my shoe-drobe looks like when i start rolling in the cash!

I've been desperate for a white shoe, since i'm obsessing over the all white trend, but i may have to substitute a boot for sandal since 'Spring' in Australia is really just a bi-polar Summer! with the quilted Docs, what can i say? i'm a sucker for quilt! it adds a touch of refinement to everything and i've been searching for a new black Doc Marten shoe since my first pair didn't fit.

I'm seeing the leather bralets EVERYWHEREEEE and I want to jump on that so fast but A) i'm poor beyond all reason and B) i'm super worried about boob sweat (keeping it real guys!) if you own one i'd love to hear your verdict! especially if you're a heat hating Sydney sider like myself!

Check in Tomorrow for my weekly Entertainment catch-up!
Until next time x.

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