Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let's Dive In: Flamingo Pink Live Instagram Shoot!

Hey Guys! I'm back again with another Editorial for Flamingo Pink! This month we picked out a fabulous range of swimwear from brands like Roxy, Billabong, Wildfox and Anna and Boy and put them on 2 of the cutest girls out to bring you the best bikini inspiration for summer! Check out the Behind the scenes article Here!

This Months shoot was also our first ever live Instagram shoot! meaning that our Instagram followers could follow the shoot while it was happening, hopefully brightening their dreary work day! you can check out the shoot on their Instagram Here

These Neon suits were so fun and bright, the Coral is from Billabong and the purple is from Roxy.

This super cute print is from Bombsell Bay, they're really bringing the fun to Summer!

Here is a bikini for Anna and Boy for General pants, I love that they mixed stripes with neon, it really stands out amongst the usually floral or beachy coloured swimsuits you see every summer.

I'm digging high waisted everything and it's such a great option for the beach if you're not comfortable in a barely there bikini! The red suit is from Wildfox and the white is Bikini Atoll.

Here's a close up of the Bikini Atoll 2 piece, such a great use of cutouts and it's so flattering on a tanned bod!

My favourite Swimsuit of the day! I go all mushy over a cute pink Gingham, and this Wildfox one piece didn't disappoint, even if the price tag did! It also looks super fab with these cute shades from Sportsgirl! Vintage style swimwear and accessories will be my favourite for this summer!

Here's the team celebrating with a paddle pop after a long tiring day of swimsuit modelling! I'm so classily crouched at the front in my hot pink jelly sandals #socool

Tell me what you think! Are you keen and ready for the Aussie summer?

Until next time x.

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