Wednesday, April 10, 2013

still into paramore!

So if you follow my tumblr you probably would have already seen my many rants about how much i LOVE Hayley Williams and Paramore. my obsession has EXPLODED following their new self titled album release and the Premiere of their video for 'still into you' personally i love the new album, i adore the mixture of boppy pop beats, hard rock and soft sad ballads. the most interesting is the interludes, played between each group of songs, contain an insanely cheery ukulele, much like Panic! at the disco's 'i have friends in holy spaces'. my favourite songs (beside the released singles) include: 'grow up' 'aint it fun' 'hate to see your heart break' '(one of those) crazy girls' and 'fast in my car'
i really enjoy the theme of getting over lost friendships which is evident in most of the songs. (that ones really hitting home right now :P)

Anyway besides going crazy over new music on my iPod, the reason for this post is the fashion-gasm i had over Hayley's outfit in the super cute and fun 'still into you' clip! i was going to track down all items for you but MTV beat me too it!

When i Saw the pastel leather jacket i knew instantly what i'd be spending my next pay check on. i've been holding back on wearing more daring clothes recently, since my hometown (where my mum and friends live) aren't really too expressive, and for so long i'd cared too much about what others think. i've always been inspired by Hayley and her sense of style. Her fierceness and peppiness is so infectious! she's definitely inspired me to be true to my self and style!

i've previously seen this UNIF jacket on Karmaloop when i first checked out the site. i loved it then but i had no money to spend on clothes *cries* so it sadly was forgotten about. i really enjoy pastels and i'm super excited to buy it soon :D

i've also seen the melting tights from URB on many an awesome lookbook post! i've lusted after them for a while but i'm afraid if i buy them i wont know how to style them and they'll become one of the many items i buy that i don't wear. but even if it is the case i am in love with these pairs!

these would be so fun and grungey!

i'm dying for how cute these pastel pink ones are!

so the tights are on the maybe list for now :P while i wait i shall perve some more on my lady love Hayley!

just bought these jeans.

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