Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sydney Retro and Vintage fair!

Hey guys!!

I had the best fun last Sunday at the Sydney retro and vintage fair! Even though i was wayyyyyy too broke to buy anything i had a lovely day dressing up and sitting/crying in beautiful Chevys and Cadillacs, They had some really great booths and activities, like fashion shows, hair and make-up tutorials, classic movies, roller derby girls and pin up photography! It was pretty fun for such a small event, I'd totally love to see how it grows over the years. I'm hoping to also go to the Rockabilly festival coming soon to Sydney.

My outfit!

My sister's outfit!

Cute bags!

My favourite outfit of the runway show

Pattern shorts are my true love!

Me and the loveliest of chevy's


Retro Dresses!

Beautiful broaches

Until next time! x

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