Thursday, March 28, 2013

instagram update!

hey guys! i started an instagram for my label and it's been super fun to update! i thought i'd share my fave pics with you! (and show off some of our newest product!) follow us @metalheadanddamsel

we've been making inappropriate word bracelets that say things like 'bitch' 'dick' and 'loser'

our khaki boxy crop (comes in black!)

daisy crop top (this is totes our best seller)

my market day OOTD (everything except the shorts and bra let are from M.A.D)

our ghost of you tank. cat beanies coming soon!

cute as daisy socks! 

i need to get my shiz together and get these new items on our website! add us on Facebook for updates on New products and just plain awesomeness!

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